Monday, August 7, 2017

Review: The Red Letter Words of Jesus

The Red Letter Words of Jesus

By Jack Countryman
Published by Thomas Nelson

Book Description

The words of Jesus—red letter words—are the most important and life changing ever spoken.
Discover the things Jesus thought were most important.
What He says about how to live.
His relationship with God and the Holy Spirit.
And His overwhelming love for you.
More than 100 passages from the Bible are considered with illuminating explanation and background facts. Most of all, discovering Jesus’ words will breathe life into your relationship with Him and help you draw close to the One who knows you fully and loves you completely.


The Red Letter words of Jesus was a fantastic read with 217 pages of delight. Each area is a total of two pages, one that is graphics as you can see, the other page is the scripture but written in a way that you can truly understand. My daughters enjoyed me reading this to them every night , they also had question about some of the scriptures and honestly we learned together about god's words. This is one book I am happy that I had the chance to review because it is written in a way that my two daughters and I could understand. 

I reviewed this material free in exchange for my honest opinions of the material I have received. 


Ron Smorynski said...

Hi Mom Book Reviewer,

I couldn't find a way to contact you directly?

Could I send you my middle-grade fantasy book for review with a Christian message? It's about an unbelieving boy who begins his adventure to faith, teleported to a grim fantasy world. My book is currently available on Amazon called “Alfred the Boy Who Would be King.”

For an honest review, and if you love it, I could:

Offer you a hard copy to raffle off to your followers?
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Thanks for your time,
Ron Smorynski, author
Alfred The Boy King,


Some book bloggers have read the first outing and are giving it high praises:

The story captures the pure adventure and action so longed for in fantasy adventures while also tackling growing up, history, and family struggles. To me, it brings to mind such classics as Narnia and The Castle in the Attic.
~Emerson Rose Craig

Seeing him somehow figure out how to manage everything and rule his kingdom at such a young age. It was so inspiring to witness, as a reader. I highly recommend this book to everyone who loves middle-grade fantasy books.
~Laila Tarek,

If I would describe this book in one word it would be Magical. Yes you read it right, Magical, this book is full of magic...

This story is a gripping and exciting one for fans of J.K. Rowling and Rick Riordan.

This indeed was a fun read! It had well balanced ingredients of grimness, hope, humor, and suspense. Great detail in the combat exchanges from clashes and gashes to fears and tears. It's a thoughtful look into the toll of being a knight, and carefully takes a kid with a computer to a kid with a kingdom.
~Alfonzo Rachel,

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