Friday, May 5, 2017

Knitters Brewing Company

All my friends and family know my first LOVE was knitting , eat, sleep, pray KNITTING! A few years back I lost a dear friend of mine and since then I have drifted away from one of my first loves, knitting. Even though I have fallen off the wagon of knitting I will tell you my number one favorite sock yarn I have ever used was from " Knitters Brewing Company" . If you love to knit or even crochet you will LOVE this company.

If you have never herd of you can find Knitting Brewing Company on there, they have an amazing group I would highly recommend checking out. here are some images of yarn/ kits/ projects .

The group on ravelry host knit along's that are super fun to do! Please stop in and see what all the shop offers, and head to ravelry to see what it is all about .

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