Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Review: Nordic Wilderness a coloring book By: Claire Scully

Nordic Wilderness: A Coloring Book 

by Claire Scully (Illustrator)

Untouched nature, deep blue fjords, impenetrable forests, rugged cliffs, wolves, owls, and bears – journey into the wild landscape of the Nordic Wilderness with this new coloring book by artist Claire Scully. Discover the species that populate the region and bring the wild beauty of the North to life with your own colors. With some perforated foldout pages that provide scope for panoramic coloring, this irresistible book offers the perfect escape from everyday life.

My Review:
Claire did an amazing job on the art work in this book, there are a total of 80 pages , some fold out to amazing scenes . The ONLY bad thing about some of the pictures that take up two pages would be the fact you can't color in the crack of the book. I am afraid to try to put the pages out , I do not want to rip them lol. The quality of the paper is very nice, and I see no reason for bleeding through the paper honestly ( maybe paints and some markers) . Please check out www.laurenceking.com Please enjoy some of the Images I am sharing with you from this awesome book. 

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