Thursday, January 26, 2017

REVIEW: Kick Back and Color RELAX to music ( FREE MUSIC DOWNLOAD) Landoll publication

Welcome to Landoll Publishing. Our focus is to bring coloring, puzzle and educational books to life for our customers. We provide exceptional quality, great price-value and superior customer service.
Founded in 1967 we are a highly skilled team with 46 years of experience. Our goal is to always surpass your expectations!

Do you like to color?? Well good news, Dollar Tree carries some awesome coloring books by LANDOLL Publication . This is one of the 12 Adult coloring books they have to offer. I have gotten other brand name coloring books from dollar tree and I did not like the paper at all because when you colored with markers it would rip, it would rip with pencils too, BUT these coloring books have pretty decent paper for being 1.00 a book. I would not say it is HIGH quality, but for the coloring book being 1.00 the paper is of good quality and very fun to color. I will tell you markers will bleed through, the picture on the other side of the VW Bus I colored I liked a lot and should have scanned it on my printer and printed it out but didn't and now I can't color it because of marker bleed through, but that was the only thing I had to boo about. Please take a look at the pictures I have added and if you would like to try these book head to your local Dollar Tree! What I would like to add is that this company is a U.S.A. based company so please support this company.                                                 

I tried to make my bus look like it was going to the beach lol...I am not good at drawing that is evident lol haa ha ...but I had a lot of fun adding details to cute picture :) . 

I purchased my coloring book from Dollar Tree in my hometown I am doing this review for no compensation just to acknowledge  a good quality product.


Anonymous said...

What is the website for the music downloads? I got the books (the four that were at my Dollar Tree ), got the download codes, and I cannot find my books. I cannot find the website anywhere.


Anonymous said...

I would go back and look, but I try to avoid Dollar Tree because I end up spending WAY too much, especially when I am in the stationary section. :p

Vanessa B said...

I honestly forget the link, it is in the coloring book lol...I will try to remember to go grab it and find it though . Ty for commenting ;)