Wednesday, January 18, 2017

REVIEW: Devotions for Easter

Prepare your heart and mind to celebrate the risen Savior.
It’s time for fresh spring blossoms, colored eggs, special recipes, and family gatherings. This year, with each tradition, small celebration, and new story, take the time to stop and discover the ways Jesus is showing His love for you. In remembering His Easter story—the greatest story ever told—your own will become that much sweeter.
The perfect companion for Lent, Devotions for Easter invites you to find the messages of hope and mercy God places in even the smallest moments of the season. Forty days of warm, inviting readings, prayers, scriptures, and beautiful images will take you through Christ’s journey toward the cross and the miracle of His resurrection. As new life emerges all around you, let your heart be filled with joyful worship of Christ and the renewal He brings.

My Review:

Easter just so happens to be my second favorite Holiday of ll times, so when I saw this I had to review it. Again I am not disappointed at all with this 152 page,40 day Devotions for Easter. This little book is packed full of colorful images, fantastic Devotions, followed by scriptures to go along with the devotions. I have added images of two of my favorite Devotions in this gem, so I hope you enjoy, and I would highly recommend this book to friends, family, and really anyone who loves Devotions. 

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