Thursday, January 26, 2017

REVIEW: Adult Coloring BIRDS Relax and Rewind Bendon Publishing

Bendon is a leading provider of children’s products at affordable prices.
We believe that variety and value do not have to come at the expense of quality.  We have made it our mission to deliver the best children’s product, to the most retail outlets, at an affordable price.  With that goal in mind, we have partnered with the most beloved names in children’s entertainment such as Disney, DC Comics, Hello Kitty, Lisa Frank, Marvel, My Little Pony, Nickelodeon, Star Wars, and more.
Why Bendon?
At Bendon, we adhere to a simple philosophy: listen to our customers and exceed their expectations. It was the driving force at our inception in 2001, and it continues to hold true today. By combining an experienced management teamdedicated employeesa diverse license portfolio, and strong partnerships, Bendon is able to deliver quality products across a wide variety of formats to retailers worldwide.
Today, we are proud to be in more than 81,000 retail outlets around the world. Due to our extensive lineup of brands and formats, we are able to provide both permanent placement and promotional displays. We continually strive to be innovative in both product development and methods of production.   These ideas are what drive us and our partners forward.
Our success now lies in our commitment to maintaining and growing our partnerships with everyone that we work with—our employees, manufacturers, licensors, and customers. We will continue to bring the highest quality and best-valued children’s product to market.
Interested in becoming a part of our future? Contact us directly, or contact one of our sales professionals.

I have to say from experience of buying coloring books from the Dollar Tree that this was one of my favorite brands to buy. I have bought several brands where the paper was so thin that it tore no matter what you used, where Bendon brand has a much better brand of paper they use. I will tell you this is the ONLY coloring book I found at my Dollar Tree and when I got home and looked up on their website I could not find these any where so not sure they are making them for Dollar Tree any more or not because I looked where you could purchase and Dollar Tree was still on there. Bendon does carry some other coloring books I would KILL to try out! As you can see in the pictures I posted the pages are very well detailed and they are a lot of fun to color! The only thing I have to BOO them on is the paper is not the best quality for markers, but you can use pen, crayon, and colored pencils no problem. I personally like having ONE sided coloring pages not two because if you use a marker it will bleed through. So over all this is a good quality for a coloring book, and honestly a GREAT deal for 1.00!!!! So peep's head to Dollar Tree for your coloring books, you will not be disappointed if you find this brand SNAG IT! 

I purchased this coloring book at Dollar General, I am doing this review not for commission but for the company to get recognized. 

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