Friday, November 11, 2016

Zappos! My opinion on zappos ... come and read ...

I have not ordered from an online store in YEARS!! Actually the last time I can remember ordering was when I was working at the Community Blood Center back in 2004 haa haa . Well I have been wearing whatever I can get my hands on for YEARS now, but a few years ago I went to a local flea market and found some Sketchers boots that I feel in love with! Early this year I got rid of them along with all my other shoes but three pair of shoes.
Now that winter is upon us I told my hubby I wanted to order boots from that I found, of coarse like a typical man  he said " All the boots you want looks like they are cheaply made" . I told him I LOVE the Sketcher boots they are made very well and I refuse to order different.  I ordered BLACK and BROWN

BOBS from SKECHERS Bobs Alpine - Snowday

They carry THREE different colors and honestly IF I would have had the money I would have gotten the light brown too!. 
The coolest thing about these boots are the fact that they support Animals! 
(Sketchers BOBS boots!)
My family lost their young Adult doggy to Cancer so when I see anything that supports animals it holds a special place in my heart.
 I can tell you these boots made it to my house within 24hrs. of ordering them, I got these shoes for less than 50.00 a pair, and to top it off I used a 15% off cupon with a FREE shipping added to it , and on top of all that they have a reward system too!


For a limited time, existing Zappos customers will get a $15 Zappos Reward Code when they join the Zappos Rewards program!**
and here is what those rewards are:

Just ordering the two pair of shoes I could afford I am in the Silver but close to GOLD already. Like I said I ordered these boots yesterday and got them today before noon! The company is out of Las Vegas and here is some pictures for you all on Zappos work atmosphere , honestly IF I lived in Vegas  I would soooooo be working there!!!! JUST SAY'N!  

So here is where I tell you go now check out Zappos! BUT I want you to know ... I REALLY LOVE this company! !! , I am not just telling you go look, NO ONE told me to review ZAPPOS! I wanted to review them because they are AWESOME!!! CLICK THE ZAPPOS.COM  picture to take you to their site.... P.S.
Check out this VIDEO! 

Thank you everyone for checking in on this, Like I said IF I could have afforded it I would have gotten the other pair of boots, and honestly I would have ordered my sneakers and a pair of boots for each child( I have 2 lol ) . But can only do so much at a time! Hope you enjoyed watching the videos, seeing the pictures, and reading my opinion on ZAPPOS!  
Come again!!!
Vanessa B. 
check this out too....

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