Thursday, November 10, 2016

Whole30 day 25

Today makes 25 days on the WHOLE30. I will be honest I broke down and have been using HONEY and MAPLE syrup BUT I have been staying away from other sugars! Meat has been my thing, I am trying to LIKE beef, I truly am lol. As always veggies and fruit are not hard for me to eat .... I MISS BEANS! I am thinking of making soup beans the first say I get to re introduce foods lol. I am staying away from GLUTEN as much as possible. Once off the 30 days ...I am sticking to the PALEO side of this diet. I LOVE  CHEESE.... but afraid to introduce it back in lol. I can fit into my 22-24's again, little snug, but I can fit in them! The pain I was in before doing this diet has calmed a bit, but boy oh boy do I still have bad days, BUT I have more good days than bad these days so that's good! NOW to just get me motivated to KNIT, CROCHET, SEW lol.
Have a blessed week ya'll!!!!

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