Friday, October 21, 2016

Whole30 Day 4 and 5 Not to bad!

Ok so everyone keeps saying I will hit a CRAVING spot, but NO I have not.... I focus on other things  and I eat HEALTHY! I can tell you this, I have gone to the bathroom more this week than I think I did when I was pregnant! NO JOKE! My blood test results came back, and to be honest some of the results kinda freak me out. HIGH cooper in my body really!? and some other stuff coming up not to good. BUT being on the Whole30 I can FEEL a huge difference in myself. Walter coming off my body like crazy. I honestly think the RA diagnosis was wrong, and maybe the fibro, notice I say MAYBE . I am making my family Lasagna tonight and myself Ratatouille :) . So folks keep the prayers coming I do need as many god fearing ladies and gents . 

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