Sunday, October 30, 2016

Review : Lil Critters Gummy Vites

L’il Critters
100% Made in the U.S.A 

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Healthy Kids & Staying Active
Variety in a child’s diet makes it easier for them to get the nutrients and calories they need to grow, learn and play. Additionally, to stay healthy, children should get exercise through active play each day. The benefits of exercise for children are the same as they are for adults. They include:
  • Optimum wellness. Children who exercise regularly have decreased risk of illness and disease.
  • Weight management. Children who exercise regularly are more likely to maintain a healthy weight without restricting food choices, calories and/or fat.
  • Increased bone density.
  • Increased energy, mood and physical stamina. Children who exercise regularly feel less stressed, sleep better and get worn out less frequently than those who don't.
Nutrient Highlight

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⚫ L'il Critter is only intended for children aged 2+
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My Review: 
My Children LOVE these Vitamins, they taste amazing, and are packed full of vitamins! My oldest daughter has issues eating so I have to give her vitamin's and she HATES all of them BUT Lil Critters Vitamins. I plan on purchasing the Omega's for her . My youngest daughter is healthy but I still give her these Vitamins as well . Lil Critters has so many different kinds of vitamins, Vitamin D, Complete Vitamins, Immune C, and vitamins that are fun for kids to take by making them into things kids like. Minions , Super Mario, and Barbie. I try at Christmas time to get my children new tooth brushes, and stuff like that, so I am now adding Vitamins to the list lol. Please if you have children check these Vitamins out, I promise you will not be dissatisfied! Lil Critters is a one of 4 different brands so please click the picture above that is a picture ( LIL CRITTERS) it will take you to their main page. I am going to try their Vita-fusion and will post a review on that in a few weeks, to two months so please keep your eyes open for that post too. So for my final evaluation would I buy these YES, would I recommend these YES, Yes I would! I give this product a VERY High 5 out of 5. Below is a $1.00 off Lil Critters Coupon so please CLICK the picture and get yours today . Also I will tell you I think the prices for these Vitamins are just right, remember if you want good products you might need to pay a little more. Thank you for dropping by my Blog, please follow me I have all sorts of ways you can follow me. Also feel free to check out their  facebook page. 

I have received Lil Critters  FREE from Smiley360 in exchange I offer my honest Opinion of this product , and help people learn lore about this product. 

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