Saturday, October 8, 2016

Have you ever herd of Essiac Tea?

Hello to my readers, I wanted to start off by saying Essiac Tea will help you feel better, get healthy , and now your wondering how I know this. I am not taking this tea myself because of my Financial state, but my Grandma has been drinking this tea for a year now . My Grandma was told she had cancer on her liver so she started drinking this tea. Now a year later my grandma is CANCER FREE, and she has been told she is in fantastic health for a woman in her 80's. Please check out the info on this tea and read the testimonials. IF you have drank this Tea please comment , I'd love to hear what you have to say about your experience. 

Do you have testimonials?
Yes! Please visit this page: Essiac tea testimonials 

What is essiac tea typically used for?
The most common reason people begin taking essiac tea is to improve health or prevent health problems. Essiac helps the entire body detoxify which means people take it when they have a wide variety of health problems, including these health problems. 

Does essiac tea interact with medications?

I've read that you shouldn't purchase the essiac herbs already mixed, but that it is better to purchase the herbs individually and blend them yourself. Why?
The main reason this is suggested is because there is nothing stopping a company from giving you a cheaper formula that isn't really essiac in order to cut costs. They might include more of one herb that happens to be less expensive and less of an herb that is more expensive. One problem with that advice is, however, that the eight herb formula isn't public knowledge. Another problem is that herbs will cost you much more when you purchase them in small quantities individually rather than in huge bulk orders like we do. It is a matter of trust and the honor system when you order pre-blended herbs, but we wish to assure you that we are a highly ethical company and would never compromise your health or our business by trying to cut costs. Let's face it--if we were money-hungry people that wished to take advantage of you, we would certainly charge more than $21.97/lb. of herbs! That isn't a very fast way to make money, especially since if the essiac didn't work well, no one would re-order again. Plus, we cover all our herbs by our Money-Back Guarantee--it would be pretty silly of us to give you an inferior product. 

If I have your attention.... look at the link I first posted and feel free to order. I will tell you this, you will NOT find it cheaper, IF you do, it is NOT organic, and it is not the correct tea.

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