Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Day 1,2,and now 3! WHOLE30 here we go!

Where to begin.... Well I have been seeing A LOT of doctors this year due to MASSIVE weight gain, swelling, water retention, chronic pain, you name it! My RA doctor said it is Rheumatoid Arthritis , and my Endo doctor I think as hit the sweet spot as they call it. When I went to my Endocrinologist she right away said Hashimoto disease so to determine if that's what is going on she put me on A LOT of different Vitamins, and encouraged me to do the WHOLE30 Diet to see what happens. After 30 days I can start to SLOWLY add foods in I took away, like dairy to see how it affects my body. Then beans, and so on till I find what I can and can  not add to my whole 30. To be honest I LOVE all the foods I am allowed, it is just VERY HARD to find certain items without soy, or sugar, and MSG in them. I spend double time in the grocery store reading everything, and finding a salad dressing that has NO SUGAR is VERY HARD. When you do find it the coast is through the roof! So what I have found helpful is PINTREST . So people have been telling me the first three days are the hardest, I honestly don't think the first three are. I do however have a feeling I will be hitting the HARD spot as they call it in about a week. 
Whole30 is VERY HARD TO DO though because if you go to a restaurant you have to be VERY careful because everything is cooked in something and you don't have the label to see what is in that item. Also I think I am going to find it hard going to Church Wednesday nights because they serve food and I will have to eat before hand and sit and watch everyone eat. I do however feel the whole30 will help me a little, the reason I say this is last night (end of day 2 ) I peed more that I have EVER peed and my swelling in my legs, feet, and everywhere really is starting to go down!  I have had people tell me stop with the salt, but this is proof it is NOT salt because I can use salt and have been using salt. 
So honestly people step back evaluate yourself, are you tired, depressed, over weight, have medical problems, or eat VERY poorly? If so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE look into doing whole30 for ONE MONTH and see if it helps you. I STRONGLY believe the foods we are eating are killing us because of the MSG, Chemicals they add to meat and other items so they last longer, and God only knows what else is in out PROCESSED foods( and some unprocessed foods) . I am adding the WEBSITE LINK TO WHOLE30 , and a few pictures of the books you can buy from AMAZON, or look them up at your local  library. Another thing I am TRYING to get through my mind is to think like JESUS, GOD put WHOLE foods on this planet for us to eat, MAN created the processed stuff, the junk food, and all the sodas, and bad stuff for our bodys. So from now on I am going to try VERY HARD to think "WHAT WOULD JESUS DO".

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