Saturday, October 29, 2016

12,13 WHOLE 30.... 13 days in Picture....

I felt I needed to show a few pictures from this week and see if you all see a difference. IF you do let me know .... 
I have been having dreams of FOOD lol... odd thing is, the food I dream about is food I would NEVER touch in my life lol. Cow heart, Liver, and OTHER VERY gross stuff haa haa haa. I have also been dreaming of making my OWN Ice Cream with Steivia and coconut milk lol.... ( I may try that some time after my 3o days) , I still feel very energetic and about 60% less depressed. I still hurt all over my body, but I really do think it is because of the amount of water falling off me on top of maybe some fat?. I would LOVE to hear from others doing the WHOLE 30, I have NO support system at home and could use someone to talk to when I get the urge to quit.( have not had that problem yet). With further do here are a few pictures. 
this is the most recent ( wish I had a full body pic., will work on that for next week)

This last Wednesday the 26th of October 
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