Thursday, September 22, 2016

Happy Fall!

I don't know about all of you, but Fall time is my all time favorite time of the year! Pumpkin Spice EVERYTHING lol... Hot Coco , Hot Mulled Cider ( yumm) , Apples! No coats, but you can wear a light sweater on of my all time favorite things to do. Sit outside on your swing under a tree that is now turning red, orange, and yellow only to end up brown, but hey who cares I have my book, hot coco or cider , sweater and my snuggle warm boots.
I love taking my kids to a few parks to collect pine cones, acorns, buckeyes, anything to make crafts with really, and to see how beautiful this time of the year is. I don't know about all of you but God has made such a Art Master Piece called " EARTH".
Camping in the fall time is my ALL TIME favorite thing to do, but since my dearest friend passed I have not gone camping at all( except in the back yard with my girls lol ) and I miss it so so much and would give anything to go again, but with little ones and a full time hard working husband it's kind of a DREAM than a reality.  Knitting and crocheting in the fall is amazing, I love to sit outside watch my kids ride their bikes, play, or just watch them laying on a blanket watching the clouds or playing with their dolls.
My Birthday is in the heart of Fall OCTOBER! My all time favorite month, the month where you can dress up one day to get candy, the month where you can go to the Zoo dressed up to get candy and you get to see some awesome animals. I so forgot to add PUMPKIN EVERYTHING lol... Pumpkin cake, cookies, coffee, hot coco, donuts, desert bars, just to name a few, and Apples oh man... I LOVE the SOFT apples they taste like how I imagine Heaven will be like, yes that delicious ! I have become very spoiled by Orchard Apples so much that I ONLY buy apples from them and not the stores, so we eat A LOT of apples in Late August-October. Now here is where I ask YOU.... yes YOU.... what do YOU like so much about Fall( Autumn) time?? I would LOVE to hear from someone anyone really about why they love fall time. Sorry to say this is now my time to go, baking cupcakes for my dear little nana she is turning 8 Sat.(24th) so making a lot to take on her BD to a park to enjoy the outdoors. God Bless whomever reads my Blog, just wish someone would comment from time to time.
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