Thursday, June 16, 2016

Centrum Vitamints REVIEW

Introducing a refreshing and cool new way to get your vitamins! VitaMints are adult multivitamins packed with a refreshing mint flavor you can take with or without food or water. Smooth, not chalky. And with no vitamin aftertaste! Now available in NEW Wintergreen and Raspberry flavors!
Take 2 Centrum VitaMints daily to give your body essential vitamins and minerals that support your energy,^ immune system,◦ metabolism,¥ and overall well-being.*
Do not exceed suggested use.

I received 6 days worth of these vitamins 3 in the mint 3 in raspberry. Honestly I like the mint better , the raspberry is not bad though. Like the pack says it is great for your body. I actually printed off a 4.00 off coupon and went and bought me some from Walmart. So if you need vitamins but hate the taste, these are actually pretty good! 

I received this item free from Smiley360 in exchange I post my honest opinions. 

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