Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Flower Beds what to do... what NOT to do...

Ok so two of my dearest friends and I were talking about flower beds, what flowers to put in a flower bed, what not to put in a flower bed, how to arrange them and so on.... I am FAR from a pro, but over the past 15 years I have planted my share of plants and here is what I personally learned just last year since my oldest daughter went to State for her flower bed ( 4-H ) .
First test your soil, you can do an EASY  home test to figure out what kind of soil you have by taking a mason jar dig a hole in your flower bed take soil from the hole and put it in the jar, a cup full should do. You will need a few drops of dish soap and warm water added then put your lid on and shake it real good. PLEASE look up on the internet... or I JUST found this, I have not done these, but this makes sense. WHY is it important you ask to know your type of soil? Well you may be planting the wrong plants for your soil type! I found I was lucky  that all our plants were ok where they were... but I did find out why certain ones HATED my front yard lol... the soil was wrong for certain types of roses.


Second  I took my daughter to the store and we picked out all the plants we liked, now here is the trick... you do not want all per annuals you want a few annuals mixed in there. Also remember how you want your layout of the bed, meaning TALL plants need to be planted to the back of your bed, and also look to see if these plants spread over time so you know how much spade they need to determine how many plants you will need.

Third  it is always nice to till your flower bed before planting that way you aerate your soil and add miracle  grow, or make your own plant fool to till up in the soil.

 Four  Mulch... mulch is a weed smother and makes your beds nice looking.

So you tilled, plant food mixed in, and you may need to add stuff to your soil depending on what your results come out as.... you will lay your plants out make sure you like where they are then dig your holes one at a time after all are planted water well then lay mulch.

Here are some good plants to have ....

If you want ground cover :

Sedum Carpet

Sedum CarpetZone 4-9

Snow in Summer

Snow in SummerZone3-7
PHLOX all of them....that are creeping not tall.... NOW that's if you want low to the ground covers, if you want ground cover that's taller I recommend Hosta there are tones of variety's , and day lilly's they are a plant that keeps growing lol. Also Iris those spread as well just depends on what your looking for.
Plants that Humming Birds and Butterfly's love: 

Mixed Coral Bells

Mixed Coral BellsThis plant is my all time favorite plant ! The flowers colors range from white pink red and Humming birds LOVE THEM! 

Coneflower Mix Super Bagthere are a lot of different cone flowers and WARNING they spread!!! lol Daisy is another good one, these draw Butterfly's. 

Decorative Dahlia Mix

Decorative Dahlia MixHumming birds and butterfly alike love these flowers. I posted these to show some of the different kinds. 

Plants that edible that are nice to just have :
Mint ( spreads like wild flower) I keep it in a pot
lavender ( I like to dry it and add it into crafts)

These are just a few plants that I personally love.... another awesome plant to have is a bleeding heart, they come in PINK RED and WHITE. They can get HUGE.

Hope my page helped a little :)

 Pictures of BEFORE and AFTER my daughter did her bed and I did mine.... ENJOY


AFTER>>>>> ( just a shot of my daughters bed )

 Feel free to comment and my daughter has her own BLOG and would like some LOVE...

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