Monday, February 29, 2016

Learning to sew... and Quilt

So for Christmas my girls and I  got a NEW sewing machine. My oldest daughter took Sewing her first year in 4-H last year and we had to use friends and family 's sewing machine . I made my girls pillows, and my oldest daughter a bean bag  to chill out on for her birthday. I felt really good once my mom, and sister, and two friends said they did not know how to do a zipper, but I did! So far I have enough scrap fabric to make my daughters each a top for quilts, just need fabric for the backs, binding, and batting. My dream is to master quilting because quilting runs in my family. I love to sit back and watch TV while I craft so I decided to hand quilt . Here are a few pictures of some quilts I am in LOVE with and would KILL to get my hands on.

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