Friday, September 18, 2015

Best Hair Book Ever! REVIEW

Best Hair Book Ever!Cute Cuts, Sweet Styles and Tons of Tress Tips

By Editors of Faithgirlz! and Girls' Life Mag
Published by Zondervan

Book Description

The bestselling brand, Faithgirlz, partners with Girls' Life magazine to present a four-color guide to amazing hair for tween girls.
All girls have had bad hair days—be it hair that won’t curl or that is way too curly, a cut that won’t grow out fast enough, or a do that just feels like an absolute don’t even after hours of pinning and spraying. But there’s good news. Faithgirlz Best Hair Book Ever! is full of killer tricks and tips on having amazing hair every day—from the best cut for each individual girl’s lovely locks to simple-yet-stunning updos and gorgeous styles, and even some trade secrets that can help make even the most unruly hair behave.

Where to start, this book was a huge surprise I was thinking it was all about hair designs and how to do's but this book was WAY more than that! My house has one 7 year old and one 10 year old, whats funny is my 7 year old wants to be girly girl and my 10 year old could care less about her looks lol. When we opened this book we were surprised to find recipes for mask for hair, tips on hair cuts and styles for your face shape, and much much more. My 10 year old flipped through it and first was like yeah ok, my 7 year old was like mommy we need to read the whole book lol. Needless to say my 10 year old ended up snagging the book and read it all to my 7 year old lol. I love when my girls get along so you could imagine my surprise when I looked into their room to find them laughing and trying to style each others hair. My girls and I rated this book 5 stars and they are now talking about having sleep overs and wanting to read this book and do some of the recipes and style hair, so if you have girls we recommend this book to you even though it says tweens any age that is a girly girl and moms out there that like to do hair on their little girls heads ;) .


Mary Jo Pedersen said...

So happy to hear you liked this book. Blessed that my daughter is on the cover, what a fun experience. She is on the bottom right corner:)

Mary Jo Pedersen said...

So glad you liked the book, my daughter is on the bottom right cover:) So blessed to be a part of this fun publication:)