Monday, August 24, 2015

NIV Bible for Teen Girls: Growing in Faith, Hope, and Love REVIEW

NIV Bible for Teen Girls: Growing in Faith, Hope, and Love

Growing in Faith, Hope, and Love

Published by Zondervan

Book Description

An all-new inspirational daily reading Bible designed specifically for girls 13-18, in the popular NIV translation.
The NIV Bible for Teen Girls, designed specifically for girls ages 13 to 18, is for real teenage girls with real lives. Packed with daily readings, highlighted promises of God, challenging insights, smart advice, and open discussion about the realities of life, this Bible is designed to help teen girls grow in faith, hope, and love.
The NIV Bible for Teen Girls is as sincere about your walk with God as you are, helping you discover his will for all areas of your life, including relating to your family, dealing with friends, work, sports, guys, and so much more.
Features include:
Daily readings for teen girls by popular Christian female authors Character profiles of women in the Bible Book introductions for each book of the Bible Highlighted promises of God: verses worth remembering A concordance for help in finding verses The complete text of the bestselling New International Version (NIV) of the Bible

My Honest Review
Since I do not have any Teens yet in my house I decided what a wonderful way to review a book and give it as a giveaway! I can honestly say this is a very cool bible! 1720 pages front to back loaded with not only bible verses but tid bit info to help teens along the way. I thought this was a very cute book and was thinking of saving if three or four years but then I thought why?? I review books I could get her one later lol I love the light pink used through the bible, the highlighted areas in the bible that go with the tid bit info and the pretty designs through out the bible. I would highly recommend this to any teen ! 

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