Sunday, April 19, 2015

Brave Girls " Faithful Friends" REVIEW

Book Description

Faithful Friends, forever true . . . hearts together, me and you!
From the time they are babies, some little girls reach out to those around them, smiling, laughing, playing, and making friends. Others might find it a little tough. This new Brave Girls devotional features 90 devotions that will reinforce a young girls desire to have friends, to BE a friend, and to help her share her faith with friends of all ages. Just as God is our "Forever Friend," faithful and true, the Brave Girls take readers through these pages, encouraging her to be best friends she can be! Each devotion will include:
  • A relevant opening scripture from the Bible
  • A thought-provoking devotion to encourage a faithful and friendly heart
  • An engaging closing prayer to help the reader become the ambassador of friendship God wants her to be!

My Review

Since this is a children's book, I again allowed my 9 year old to read it with my 6 year old . Here is what my girls had to say about the Brave Girls Faithful Friends ... 90 days of devotions each devotion is one to two pages each day, but the second page is usually a puzzle or something fun to do to go along with the devotion. Some of the second pages are questions, recopies, all sorts of stuff that's cool. Starting page 111 "Friends At Home" has some cool word search here and there, and other cool things you can do. There are a total of 135 pages in this book as well. Over all my daughters loved this book, both of my girls struggle with kids at school and church, one day friends then not friends.My oldest daughter really took this book to heart and told me her favorite part of this series was the prayer points and solution areas.
my daughter rated this book a 5 star out of 5 stars.

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