Sunday, April 19, 2015

Brave Girls " Better Than Perfect" REVIEW

Book Description

Better than perfect-that's what every girl is in God's eyes.
A young girl's doubt in her own self-worth starts from an early age. Am I pretty enough? Am I smart enough? Will I fit in? Do people like me? Am I worthy enough? These aren't questions asked by teens, but from precious girls in grade school! Brave Girls Faith and Honor will help girls navigate these questions and learn just how wonderful they are! 
In this Brave Girls devotional, 90 engaging devotions will help young girls find their place in the world and learn that the beauty of their imperfections is what makes them unique, loved, precious, and "better than perfect" in God's eyes. Each devotion will include:
  • A relevant opening scripture from the Bible
  • A thought-provoking devotion to build a young girl's spirit
  • An engaging closing prayer to help the reader navigate her day!

My Review

Since this is a children's book, I allowed my 9 year old to read it with my 6 year old . Here is what my girls had to say about the Brave Girls Better Than Perfect ... 86 days of devotions each devotion is one to two pages each day, but the second page is usually a puzzle or something fun to do to go along with the devotion. Some of the second pages are questions, recopies, all sorts of stuff that's cool. Starting page 79 "Body Builders" has some cool word search here and there, and other cool things you can do. There are a total of 135 pages in this book. Over all my daughters loved this book so much we are also reviewing one of the other books in this series . My daughters said they want to loan their books to friends so they too can learn that God loved all his children and that all girls can be brave .
my daughter rated this book a 5 star out of 5 stars.

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